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Interpretive ECG

Posted: 9/9/2014

The interpretive ECG is a non-invasive procedure that offers much in terms of heart health. ECG machines assist doctors in measuring electrical activity within the heart. Once connected to a patient, it provides a reading. The physician or medical staff can usually view results on a screen or print them. Because features vary in terms of medical equipment, it is essential to look at what was missing with the previous machine. Not every facility can afford to purchase medical equipment like ECG machines at full price or even brand new. Wholesale or used equipment is often available at a price low enough to make it affordable for those who have budgetary constraints.

The heart is an extraordinary muscle and any slight variations in the way it beats can cause things such as rapid heartbeat, fluttering, fainting, and even cardiac arrest. An interpretive ECG gives a cardiologist an idea of what may be causing those abnormalities. This provides a starting point so physicians can provide patients with a plan of resolution.

ECG machines come equipped with extras, such as ports that hook into computers for patient records and further evaluation. The screen should be easy to read. Not all ECG machines allow for a customization per patient, so if this is a necessity, let the seller know. The paper on which the results print onto varies. Buying a case of normal copy paper is generally less expensive than purchasing specialty paper. Because medical equipment can become obsolete in a matter of years, look for ECG machines that offer upgradeable features.

Instead of waiting until an interpretive ECG machine breaks, invest time into looking at available options every few months. Once ready to buy, have representatives visit the office to demonstrate their ECG machines. Compare the costs of purchasing via the Internet against that of purchasing from a local representative. Check references of any seller and research the customer service record of the manufacturers. New machines come with a warranty for a certain period. Some companies offer extended warranties. Read up on what the warranty covers and what the owner of the machine is responsible for in case there is a malfunction.

It is up to the buyer to make sure they understand completely. Ask questions during training. Representatives work to provide thorough education so that the staff is equipped to operate the machine effectively to provide correct interpretive ECG readings.

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