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Welch Allyn ECG Machine

Posted: 9/23/2014

If you are in the market for ECG machines, a Welch Allyn ECG machine might be the best fit for your situation. Welch Allyn offers both resting and exercise ECG machines, with both stand-alone and PC-based versions of each.

Welch Allyn Resting ECG machines include their PC-based resting ECG, the CP 100 ECG, and the CP 200 ECG with optional spirometry. The Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG is an excellent option for those who value ease of use and data integration. This device automatically transfers data into your computer system, eliminating wasted time and unintended mistakes. It allows you to access ECG reports from anywhere with a secure network connection, is fully upgradable, and can print on plain paper. These features allow this Welch Allyn ECG Machine to blend well into a hospital or large medical practice. If your medical equipment needs are more moderate the Welch Allyn CP 100 ECG might be the best choice for your situation. This ECG machine is designed to be cost effective for an office setting. It provides accurate 12-lead resting ECG measurements, has a full keyboard and LCD screen, and is available with optional interpretation software. Another option provided by Welch Allyn is the CP 200 ECG with optional spirometry. This easy to use, full featured machine has all of the features of the CP 100 with the addition of a large color LCD screen and dedicated function keys to save time. It also provides storage for up to 50 ECGs and spirometry tests for later review, can be connected directly to company software through a cable interface, and has optional spirometry testing and interpretive software.

If you are looking for a Welch Allyn ECG machine for exercise testing, the CP 300 Exercise ECG is available, as well as a PC-Based Exercise ECG. The CP 300 is easy to use, offering a full keyboard, 15-inch color LCD display, dedicated function keys, 40 GB of storage, and customizable report formats. The available PC-Based Exercise ECG can turn any PC into a stress test system, allows you to customize stress protocols, and stores all data on the hard drive of the computer, making it a versatile piece of medical equipment.

When shopping for a Welch Allyn ECG machine, it is important to consider which piece of specialized medical equipment the company has to offer will be the best fit for your organization.

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